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For the past seventeen years, Watch Reals has been the number one in the world in providing a platform to upload and watch reels. It truly offers an unparalleled movie experience like no other. Watch Reel is a home for all. It caters for the filmmaker as well as for the viewer. With more than 800 million users, Watch Reels is a place you will never want to miss if you are a film producer.

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As a movie enthusiast, watch reels let you stay ahead and abreast of the latest video release. With millions of movie makers on Watch Reels, movie lovers have the fortune to see thousands of exciting exclusive videos.

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Two decades ago, it will take you some time, and a lot of efforts and scheduling before you will be able to watch your newly released favorite movie finally. You will have to wait until it’s available in the cinema to watch it and hope you will have the chance to go and see it at the cinema or wait almost endlessly until it’s aired on the TV. Well, that was before the internet boom and the proliferation of personal computers. The advent of personal computers and internet changed this, and for the first time, you can watch your favorite movie reel at home in your convenient time, provided you have an internet connection and a subscription.


It was a huge phenomenon, and it brought profound change that altered our daily lives in a positive way. It was a happy time, but apparently, technology has, even more, surprise for us. The personal computer revolution did not last long before giving way to an, even more, better gadgets that have unlimited potential, the Smart Phone. The Smartphone was a complete game changer that utterly changed our entertainment culture for good. It afforded us the opportunity to stay connected at all times. It placed entertainment at our fingertips, and we can finally access entertainment websites at any time. No more need to wait until you are at home before connecting to the internet to watch your favorite movie reels. You can do that on the go where ever you are provided you have an internet connection. So whether you are commuting in the


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