Reading books is a simple process. But studying it for a long period of time seems challenging and difficult. But, can someone study long for hours without losing focus? At, we know that is the problem that most people face, which is why we have created some guides to assist you.

  1. First, Relax your mind

It is not advisable to study when you are stressed out. Take time to take a nap and refresh your mind and brain before you stylishly go into another round of the intense mental process. You can never concentrate or study for long hours when you are worn-out. Rest is essential. If you do not rest, you will breakdown. Relax first!

  1. Eat properly

According to a popular proverb “A hungry man is an angry man”. You need to eat before proceeding on a journey of intense study. In fact, hunger has been considered as the major factor that makes every course tiring and stressful. Even, the pen you are holding becomes dull to you as well. Ensure that you take a simple diet the before study. OK?

  1. Create a reading plan

Create a plan, map out the areas you wish to read before the end of the day. Make a determination or resolve, “I must cover this area before I stop”. Set goals for yourself and make sure that beat them. It will increase your determination rate by tenfold (this works like rocket loader).

  1. Support the subject

When the subject or course is uninteresting, there is a possibility that you cannot study it for long period. But at, we have found some ways you can make the course fascinating and exciting. There are ways in which you can turn boring courses into interesting ones, some of the methods that you can use are:

  • Looking for the interesting aspectof the subject no matter how small it may look.
  • Take a time out and come back to continue the topic afresh.
  • Using simple memory tasks (memory aids devices) to remember difficult aspects of the course.
  • Study the course together with your colleague.
  • Create a group discussion to study the course.