There are two major techniques of laser liposuction that are in high demand – Lipo Melt and the Contour Light technology.  Though there are unique cases, where there is the emergence of postoperative risks but according to experts, they believe that inexperienced technicians are the one to blame not leaving out the older techniques used in handling the surgical skin treatment. The laser liposuction technique offers numerous significant benefits.

  • This process has an impact on skin tightening at the completion of the procedure. A major drawback of older liposuction techniques is the unappealing folds of loose skin, which continue to appear after the weight loss. However, the laser produces enough heat to aid the reabsorption of certain fats in the primary tissues, thereby resulting in skin tightening and constriction.
  • The application of laser liposuction on certain areas has resulted in a smoother and attractive skin contour. In fact, numerous past users have confirmed the potency of this technique. Again, this occurred as a result of the heat coming out of the laser coupled with the use of a small cannula.
  • When compared to the previous versions of lipectomy, it has been confirmed that there is lesser bleeding with advanced liposuctions. Due to the small size of the cannula, it does not require a larger incision to complete the whole process.
  • Since the fat has been mixed with a laser before getting to the suction, the chance of experiencing trauma during the liposuction process has been reduced. You are advised to consider these factors before undergoing the process.

When the laser light touches the fat cells, heat is produced which “melts” the cells into a greasy liquid? Then they can be aspirated using less effort, smaller tools and at the lower pressure than traditional liposuction. The melted fat can also be left to be transferred and removed by the normal process of burning body fat. This method is unsuitable for large amounts of fat because residues can cause swelling, which can affect the result.

Many surgeons also believe that laser liposuction has a long-term effect on laser light damages fat cells, which means that the result is visible several months after treatment when these cells decompose and disappear. The main disadvantage of this method is that it is difficult to treat fat deposits of more than several hundred ml of fat each time.

Another positive effect of laser liposuction is that laser light coagulates (closes) damaged blood vessels despite the use of smaller tools. This reduces swelling and bruising caused by bleeding under the skin.

In conclusion, liposuction can remove smaller fat deposits in a less invasive way than liposuction of the traditional method. This means that the procedure is easier, it does not require narcosis etc., while the recovery is milder with less pain, bruising and minimal need for sick leave etc.

Tightening of the skin with laser liposuction

Part of the thermal energy that is generated in the fat layer at the laser lipolysis is absorbed by the dermis and there it causes lesions of the controlled tissues. The body cures this lesion by the new creation of collagen threads, which have a tightening effect on the skin.

By provoking the dermis, causing the creation of collagen, one can also treat the skin to laser liposuction so that it contracts, which is not feasible to traditional liposuction.

The effect of the tightening makes possible the treatment of the areas of the flaccid skin. This means that more patients can undergo liposuction at the same time that other areas are treated, which can optimize the results of the treatment.

The areas of cellulite can also be treated with good results by laser liposuction thanks to its effect of tightening. These areas cannot be treated with traditional liposuction.

Because of the high accuracy and the effects of tightening, many surgeons perform laser liposuction in combination with traditional liposuction to achieve optimal results.

The advantages and disadvantages of laser liposuction

Laser liposuction has more advantages than traditional liposuction, but also some disadvantages. Below you will find the advantages and disadvantages of laser liposuction.

The benefits of laser lipolysis

  • Easier treatment
  • Softer recovery
  • Very short sick leave
  • Minimal incisions
  • Effect of tightening
  • Less risk of irregularities
  • Ability to treat previously inappropriate patients
  • Ability to treat areas previously difficult to treat (face, forearm, upper abdomen, knees)
  • Less risk in general

So as you can clearly see, there are just too many benefits to laser liposuction procedure. If you want to trim off your body fat, then this sort of procedure may be the best option for you.