It is important you are aware of the fact that tool belts are one of the most useful construction garments for anyone ranging from professionals to hobbyist. They assist in keeping your most common parts and tools very close while you are saving your back from the need to repeatedly bending down. To some extent, the best tool belts for carpenter and framers will ensure that your most common tools are organized in a manner that is very much natural to you. In addition, it will ensure that you can easily reach on to a  tool you need while working on a project and this will be most definitely instinctive.

The conventional tool belt has, without doubt, evolved over the years. While some.people can get away with a regular option offering done to three pocket belts in case you want to work on a yard or garage, you will discover that there is also a professional end option that is quite larger. The large suspension rigs that is strapped around your waist and shoulders have a lot more dividers/pockets while taking a bulk of the weight off your hips. In addition, you can find more technical brill like a drill holster to assist you with keeping your power drill very close to you all times.

It is important you are aware of the fact that a large tool belt can be carried during your regular 8 am – 6 pm job. The most vital features are its comfort and the sufficient capacity you will be provided. It is only right that choose a belt that has great padding and allows the extension of suspenders as an option.

And after knowing all of those things, you also need to have an idea on what are the best and outstanding tool belts that both framers and carpenters should have. It is very important that you should know what these tool belts are so that you can choose the right one you need among this list of best and outstanding tool belts. To help you with this, you can read the list below that shows what these tool belts are.

Here is the list of the best and outstanding tool belts that framers and carpenters like you, need to know.

  1. Custom LeatherCraft

Coming first in the list is the Custom LeatherCraft which is a tool belt made from high – quality and durable suede leather. This brand of tool belt has a total of four pockets which can be utilized for storing nails, pliers, nail sets, pencils, and other construction materials. It also comes with an extra leather loop in the side where you can put your hammer and a leather strap for tape measure. This tool belt has a size of two inches and can fit to people whose waist size ranges from 29 inches up to the maximum of 46 inches. You should also know that the Custom LeatherCraft is the most preferred brand of tool belt by many framers and carpenters.

  1. Bucket Boss

Another best and outstanding brand of tool belt is the Bucket Boss which is also a best – seller among all of the brands that you can see in the market. This tool belt is known for being durable and very convenient to use since that it has a total of 13 pockets which can hold a lot of construction materials and tools. It also comes with web loops which you can use to hold two hammers. The Bucket Boss is a quick release tool belt which can fit to a waist that has a size of maximum 52 inches. With this, this tool belt is really the best and outstanding one among of all brands.

  1. MagnoGrip

And last in the list of the best and outstanding tool belts is the MagnoGrip which is made of polyester material. This brand of tool belt has a magnetic feature which is the reason why it sets apart from the other tool belts in the market. The MagnoGrip has a total of 12 pockets which can be used to store a wide range of construction materials and tools. And because of its magnetic feature, it keeps these pockets properly and securely fastened so that the tools inside of it would not spill even if you bend over to reach something. This tool belt is definitely worth for framers and carpenters like you, to consider buying.

Now that you have an idea on what is the best and outstanding tool belts that framers and carpenters like you, need to know, you now also know that there are plenty of choices for you. So, if you still want to know this topic much better, you can ask a person who is very familiar on this matter.