Comprehensive and well detailed researched canister vacuum reviews and consumer’s reviews available on the website are known to be a good source of useful, reliable and up-to-date information leading to informed and wise decisions when shopping for the best HEPA canister vacuum or the best portable vacuum. It is wise to acquire a good vacuum cleaner so as to keep your home free from dust and allergens. A clean home coupled with an undiluted indoor air will give you a healthy lifestyle and also offers you happiness and a sense of comfort.

What are the features to look for when shopping for the best canister vacuum or uprights?

  1. A durable motor can also be likened to a vacuum designed with a good suction thereby resulting in well-cleaned floors and carpets. Canister vacuums designed with turbo heads offer cleaner surfaces and carpets when compared to the one without turbo heads.
  2. Compact and Lightweight; this requires little effort when moving them around and it is easy to maneuver around objects like furniture, making vacuuming easier and more efficient.
  3. One of the most important features of this tool is the filter. A good filter has the capability to remove even the tiniest dust particles which include droppings of cockroaches or pollen, feces of dust mites, etc. However, we recommend the HEPA filter which can remove 99.9% of allergens up to 0.3 microns, resulting in better quality of air. This is considered as the best choice for allergy sufferers.
  4.  Currently, it is very easy to find vacuum cleaners that already have HEPA filters, tend to be more expensive than normal because they provide greater efficiency and technology, ensuring the capture of 99.97% of the smallest particles.These filters are formed by randomly arranged fiber meshes, without following any specific pattern. The fibers are composed of layers of cellulose, synthetic fibers or glass. HEPA filters equipped with a high efficiency are highly recommended for people suffering from allergies.
  5. Usually, the vacuum cleaners that do not have a HEPA filter also capture these small particles, however, as there is no HEPA filter, a large part of the allergens are returned to the air through the air stream that leaves the suction turbine.
  6. The vacuum cleaner does this job in 5 times less time than the broom. In 3 minutes you can finish the task that the broom would end in 15, which leaves you 80% of the time you usually spend cleaning to do something else.
  7. A traditional broom lifts the dust and mites it contains, while the vacuum cleaner absorbs and avoids direct contact with the dust. This influences the decrease of allergies and respiratory diseases.
  8. New vacuum cleaners have, according to the model, several compartments where dust is stored and avoid direct contact with who cleans In addition, all have a HEPA filter, characteristic that allows the filtering of the smallest particles, absorbing up to 99, 9% powder, and is specially designed for allergic people, it will prevent sneezing and discomfort during cleaning.

One of the main objectives of the cleaning tasks is to free the household of polluting agents that may affect the health of the family.

For example, when sweeping we seek to eliminate dust and debris that cause diseases, but is it really what we do?

It is better to use the vacuum cleaner since the broom does not completely eliminate dust and can influence the appearance of allergies.

Allergies? How to fight them? Discover how to eliminate the effects of allergies in your home cleaning with Vacuums that incorporate HEPA filtration. HEPA filters are incredibly fine filters that can get rid of most allergens; include dust mites and pollen from the air. So if you are sneezing a lot and if your allergies are bothering your sinuses, then you should definitely consider getting one of these vacuums to help you deal with your allergies. It would be a good way for you to ensure that the air that you are breathing in your home does not trigger your allergies.


Buying a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter is a must especially if you want to make your home as clean as possible. Oftentimes, using a simple broom is not enough to help you get rid of the allergens that are in your home. You will have to search for a special vacuum that will help you get rid of the dust and other allergy triggers that you may already have in your home. If you do end up buying a vacuum cleaner for allergies, you can end up breathing much easier.