If you keep on doing wonders in your image in Photoshop because of your yellow-stained teeth, then you should do something about it already. In order to achieve commercial-worthy teeth, here are the following facetti dentali tips to help you maintain your pearly white teeth.

  1.    Limit yourself from sugary foods and drinks

As much as possible, you should limit yourself from eating sugary foods or drinking sugary beverages. It’s because you cannot deny the fact that sugars are one of the leading causes of damaged teeth. Hence, if you want to remove the yellow stain from your teeth, you should avoid foods and drinks that cause the stain. You can replace it with fresh fruits and salads or if you want, replace your chewing gum of baby carrots.

  1.    Follow the dentist’s advice

They are not dentists for any reason. It’s no use if you keep on attending your dental appointments, but you don’t follow their advice. As much as possible, you should follow the entire dentist’s advice if you want to whiten your teeth. You may tweak something in your lifestyle but that’s all part of the new oral care routine that you need to ensure that you avoid a potential problem that may occur should you continue the bad oral care habits.

  1.    Leave the residue of fluoride in your mouth

Some people may not like this idea at all, but if the fluoride is the one that removes the stain and cleans the teeth, then why would you spit it out? It seems logical that no individual would want to carry on with his day while having fluoride inside his mouth. But during night time, before you go to bed, you should just leave the fluoride residue after you’ve brushed and got rid of the food debris and particles inside your mouth. You can still rinse it off the next morning when you wake up but leaving it at night would make the toothpaste lot more efficient compared to when you spit it out.

  1.    Floss regularly and use mouthwash

You could never go wrong with flossing at least twice a day on a regular basis and using an antiseptic mouthwash as well. When you are flossing, make sure that the strip can reach the corners of the teeth or simply create a C shape.

As for the mouthwash, it is highly advisable that you ask for a brand recommendation from your dentist. It will keep your breath fresh and minty while removing the remaining bacteria in your mouth in the process. Flossing and using an antiseptic mouthwash should be done right after your 2-minute brushing of teeth.

Follow the aforementioned facetti dentali for whiter and healthier teeth. It will not only help in killing the bacteria in your mouth, but it can also boost your confidence in the process. Having white teeth will make you want to smile while conversing amidst the company of strangers. White teeth can also be extremely useful if that’s the manner of your work.