Beard balm is another great tool for anyone that is interested in caring for their beard properly, in addition with maintenance and grooming, It is only right that we thought about guiding you to the best beard styling balm on the market.

Beard Balm is a moisturizer that includes butter and beeswax, the butter used is usually cocoa or shea butter. Beard balm is similar in appearance to light hair wax and lip balm. It is much thicker than oil and it comes in a very smooth paste with a soft feel when touched. It is important that you are aware of the fact that you can easily have it shaped in your hand.

What’s the Best Beard Length To Use Beard Balm?

Because it’s thicker, beard balm is a lot more effective when your beard is fairly-thick, in the sense that when the fail follicles are 1.5 inches long or longer. It is without that the longer your facial hair, your facial hair becomes denser. It also implies that your facial hair will be in need of products that will prevent them from going wild.

In summary, beard balm offers similar benefits with beard oil but the difference is that makes provision for some sort of hold that is required for the thicker beard. The butter in the beard balm provides moisture for the balm, just so that it will be easy to spread the beard throughout your beard, to avoid it being sticky. The beeswax on the other hand help to prevent dryness, beardruff, and itchiness.

When it comes to maintaining and hydrating his beard, we often think of beard balm first and foremost. It has the advantage of nourishing the skin and the hairs, to fill the lack of sebum which the epidermis can face. But in the field of hydration, it is not the only care that can be used. The beard balm is also an excellent care product for your facial hair. It has the benefits of beard oil and other benefits!

Here are some of the other benefits of using beard balm for your facial hair.

The beeswax gives the balm its solid appearance and its fixing capacity. The larger the quantity, the more the balm is able to structure the hair. This is why mustache waxes are usually more fixative! But did you know that beyond its functional surplus value, beeswax is excellent for the skin? Rich in vitamin A, it has natural therapeutic virtues. Indeed, it allows to block and conserve water in the skin by forming a tight film. Ideal to counter the winter drought!

For its part, shea butter is also a great ally for your skin. It helps to fight against the micro-cracks caused by the cold and to prevent their appearance by forming an additional layer of hydration. In short, the beard balm is an effective barrier against external aggression and especially the cold.

While beard oil is suitable for all types of beards (short or long) beard balm is more suitable for medium and long beards. Simply because it allows you to structure, like no other care, your beard. Its fixative capacity is able to discipline the hairs and to play easily the most rebellious hairs.

What is beard balm made out of anyway?

As discussed in the introduction, beard balm shares many similarities with beard oil. It usually contains organic oils (like jojoba, castor oil, sweet almond) and essential oils to give it some pleasing scents.

These ingredients ensure:

  • Good hydration of the epidermis and beard hair
  • soften the hair and give it a shiny appearance

But the beard balm does not stop at these benefits alone. It contains two other essential ingredients: beeswax and shea butter (but also some cocoa).


In summary, the beard balm has got a lot of great benefits if you decide to actively use it for your facial hair. It deeply hydrates skin and beard to ensure that everything will stay healthy. It also softens the hair so that the beard is not going to be itchy. Beard balm protects the skin and prevents dry brittle hair. This is to make the beard way more lustrous and shiny looking. And if you have got damaged beard hair, then balm can fix the structure the beard hair to make it stronger and less prone to breaking. And as a slight bonus, it also perfumes the beard!

So what are you waiting for? If you are trying to grow a beard, then you should also remember that you need to try and style it with some premium beard balm as well!