Even though a major part of 2016 has turned out to be a rollercoaster ride of a year, some pretty amazing inventions and products still came out of it. From the phenomenally brilliant to the wildly hilarious, here is a list of some of the crazy, quirky, and cool things to buy in 2017.

Stupidiotic Portable Pizza Pouch $3

What a world we are in. Through this portable pizza pouch, you could now place a slice of pizza on your neck easily and conveniently. It’s really a crazy spectacle to look at.

Knocki from $89

The Knocki is a device that is able to let you turn any surface whatsoever into a remote. You’ll make your own knocking pattern so that you can impact the Knocki to carry out various functions. For instance, you could turn your coffee table into a remote, set it in such a way that one tap will turn the TV on, two taps to turn it off, and so on.

Your possibilities are basically limitless due to the fact that you could recognize over one function at once. Place it on your nightstand for you to be able to turn it off via a knock, turn on the coffee maker through some taps, and have it switch on your TV so as to watch the morning news without even leaving your bed.

The Barisieur Alarm Clock from $299

Every one of our dreams is turning into reality. We could wake up to the sounds and smells of freshly brewed coffee through the Barisieur Alarm Clock. Funded via Kickstarter, this alarm clock does not make screeching sounds to get you out of bed. Rather, it will provide you with a fresh cup of tea or coffee at your own time. It comes fully with plenty of storage for sugar and a specially refrigerated corner for milk, additional coffee grounds, plus stirrers.

There’s a lengthy list of cool things to buy at all times, from functional and simple to fancy and entertaining that your family and friends will definitely appreciate always.