The task of iPhone battery replacement is easier than the name sounds. It is a do it yourself task. The following are steps you can take when you are ready to take on the challenge.

The most important item you need to replace your iPhone battery is your Screw Driver Kit.

The first stage in iPhone battery replacement is ejecting the tray portion at the back plate of the device by inserting the pointy end of a safety pin in tiny holes next to the headphone jack. The two screws on both sides of the dock end should be removed. Wedge the spudger between the glass front panel and chrome ring to separate the front display from the back panel. Pay attention to any ribbon that still connects panel together, so as not to tear it. The cables labeled “1” and “2” should be removed in this particular order with the spudger. Release the last ribbon cable by flipping the white tab holding it in place. The front and base case will be separate at this stage. The motherboard should then be removed by unscrewing it. Undo the ribbon labeled “4”, the motherboard should be lifted. A ribbon will still be attached to the camera; it should be detached from the camera. The logic board slides out when the camera is pried out. Before sliding out the logic board, make sure all screws holding the logic board are removed. There is a tab on the battery, pull on it to eject the battery. Replace it with the new battery and then assemble all the parts together just the opposite way they were dismantled.

How complex is an iPhone battery replacement? It may be complicated if it is attempted by most novices. Many people can easily unscrew their phone until the stage of replacing the battery but find it difficult to reassemble their phones. Much attention should be given to this process. Extreme care should also be taken when following the steps.