A smurf is a normal level account that belongs to a high-level player that is popularly referred to as a summoned. This term is referring to old age combats which play hosts to a summoner challenging champions into an arena.Due to the fact that it’s a fresh account, a smurf account is used to play with a lower level player. Users get hold of smurf account for different reasons. The first and foremost, individuals use smurf account for the purpose of enjoyment,evidently they are pro level player and it requires much effort to play at a high level, for example, level thirty. Therefore that is one of the reasons to gain access to a smurf account.

Moreover, it’s used to demoralize lower level players as well and to have a feeling of power and authority. As previously mentioned, the primary purpose is enjoyment through the defeat of lower level players. Automatically lower level players are demoralized and it provides you with an excessive authority. In a similar vein, there is also a very important advantage associated with a smurfing account. It serves as an alternate account inthe event that the major account is about to get hacked or band due to various reasons.

Another important or one could say the most important benefit of smurf account is to play with folks that just started the game and are beginner level users. Friends normally have a bond and they always want to play with each other thereby forming a community. Therefore in a bid to fulfill this specific requirement established players opt for smurf account, which helps to play with folks.

There are many criticisms on smurf account as well. The critics are basically inexperienced users who face a lot ofissuesin the process of playing with people that have smurf account. They think smurf account spoils the game. When they are trying to catch fun and the guy with smurf account surfaces, the opposition users give up just because they neither have the gaming equipment nor skills to match up the smurfing player.