Guitars have always appeared in American movies at some point or other. I mean, there’s always been some sort of musical instrument in most movies. I guess a part of this has to do with the scenery. A part of this has to do with the storytelling or how the plot is pushed along by the director. But there is just something about guitars that really captures the imagination because when you’re playing the guitar, you not just exhibiting your technical, musical skills. While it obviously takes a bit of musicianship and artistic ability to know which chords to play and in which succession, a true artist focuses on something more. A true artist aims for something higher.

You can tell who an awesome guitar player is when you pay attention to the emotional effect of the sounds that they’re generating. When they play that kind of music, it really strikes you right at the gut. It comes from a very deep place. It’s very personal. It’s very intimate and it really speaks to your soul.

That’s how you can tell when somebody really cares about their music and really approaches it like some sort of craft. Or somebody’s doing something else. What is this something else? Well, somebody might just be trying to impress people. Maybe they are just going through the motions. Maybe they feel that it is some sort of routine. Alternatively, they might actually be thinking of something else and are simply playing the guitar like they are sort of in an autompilot mode. None of these are ideal. Initially, these people kind of come off as one-dimensional, but a lot of their music just seems rather flat and superficial. Maybe they’re trying to prove something. You can sense their desperation from a mile away.

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