It is without a doubt that kids are naturally born collectors and they love fads. They are of Japanese origins and they seem more like the latest craze as they are causing a stir in the market and homes. Not only are the Windsor Smith’s collection difficult to find, since they are not like the regulars that can be found in any store. To your surprise, most adults have not heard of them.

Today we will do justice to the common questions that we receive about squishes. What are Squishies? Squishies are soft “bread-like” mascots that reshaped as either a character, a type of baked good or a combination of both that are aforementioned. They are the newest version of the stress ball, yet they are more “kawaii” (this is a Japanese word for cute) and softer. Squishies are scented with cake or bread is the most common choice. Squishies are usually attached to a cell phone strap or lanyard.

Why are kids so fond of Squishies? Well, it is without a doubt that they are cute. Squishies are exciting and tactile for kids to “squish” continuously, hence the name. Make an addition to the sweet scent and you have more than one sensory toy that can be irresistible.

Where did this fad originate from? similar to other excellent fads, this is another wacky and fun imports from Japan.

Squishy toys are incredibly popular not only because they are cute, but because they are also very safe to use. Parents are always looking to get safe toys for their children, and that is why so many people are buying squishy toys.

Squishy toys are safe to use because they are made with non-toxic materials and they do not pose any choking hazards as well. In fact, you could say that squishy toys are safe because of the following factors.

How do you buy a safe squishy toy?

Children can have a lot of fun with their toys. However, the safety of each toy must be our highest priority. Each year, thousands of children are injured or injured because of a toy. Continue reading to find out what should be taken into account when buying a toy and how simple safety tips can prevent injuries.

Most injuries caused by toys are minor cuts, scratches, and bruises. However, there are times when they cause serious injuries and even death. This happens when toys are dangerous or used improperly.

Here are several tips to help you choose safe and appropriate toys for your child.

Read the label. It gives important warnings and information about how a toy should be used and for what ages it is safe. Tell your child how to use the toy properly.

Think about buying bigger and squishier toys. Make sure all toys and pieces are larger than the child’s mouth, to avoid choking.

Avoid toys that shoot objects in the air. These can cause serious eye injuries or choke.

Avoid noisy toys to prevent damage to your child’s hearing. Read: 10 tips to protect the hearing system of your children during the holiday season.

Look for well-made stuffed animals. Verify that all parts are well-bonded and that seams and edges are secured. It must also be machine washable. Remove any loose tape or string to avoid strangulation. Avoid toys that are filled with small balls or that can cause choking or suffocation if the child swallows them.

Buy plastic toys that are tough. Those that are made of thin plastic can easily break.

Avoid toys made of toxic materials that can cause poisoning. Make sure the label says “non-toxic” (it is not dangerous or made out of toxic materials)

Avoid buying children under 12 years old to make models or cases of chemical a. These can cause fires or explosions or contain dangerous chemicals. If the child is older, make sure he knows how to safely use this type of toy.

As a summary, you should buy Windsor Smith toys because they have got all of the necessary characteristics that make them awesome for young kids to use. You can bet that each squishy toy that you can buy from them has got these following qualities:

They are incredibly safe to use, the safety of the toy (for example, if it presents some risk of suffocation), is rated very highly.

The child’s ability to play with the toy is always taken into account, so your kid can easily play around with them.

They are simple to play with, the child’s ability to understand how the toy is used