Let’s get one thing clear, when you get people over to your home, not everybody will have your best interest in mind. I know most people would not intentionally and knowingly invite thieves over. That’s usually a bad idea. Nobody wants to get robbed. Nobody wants to be dispossessed of their possessions. That goes with the territory. But, unfortunately, it’s too easy to go overboard and invite groups of people.

Now, from your end, you’re probably only inviting one person. For example, this happens in college a lot. You have your eye on this female, so you invite her, and to make her feel at ease, you tell her she can bring her friends along. Bad mistake because when you say she can bring her friends along, it’s anybody’s guess who she will bring over. This is where the security issue raises its ugly head.

You see, unless and until you have a clear list of people you are going to invite over to your place, it’s anybody’s guess whether your possessions will remain in place. I know that’s probably not the kind of thing you want to hear. I know you’re probably wishing and hoping this is not the case, but there’s always the risk that there’s somebody you don’t know all that well or somebody you don’t know at all will come by and take stuff that is important to you.

Now I wish that this just involves like a couple of bucks you have lying around, or some empty bottles or a nice-looking vase. But oftentimes, thieves in any type of group, regardless of social setting and regardless of location, will focus on high value targets. This is how a thief thinks. The person will be looking for something so small, yet at the same time, packs a lot of value.

Think about it. They’re thinking in a very efficient way. They don’t want to get caught so they’re looking for something that can easily be concealed. They’re looking for something so small that they can put it in their jacket, their clothing, or otherwise, keep it out of sight after they have lifted it. But they are also looking for something they can trade in for a tremendous amount of dollars. So, unless you have some uncut diamonds lying around the house or you are very public with your jewelry, the next best thing is probably your cell phone.

Now this is some bad news. Seriously, because it really cuts close to home. If you’re like most cell phone owners, you probably take a lot of personal pictures with your cell phone. I’m talking about pictures with your family, pictures on your vacation, and most of the time, these are the only copies you have. You did not back them up to the web. You did not have some kind of hard drive. This is it. It’s a one-shot deal.

So, when your cell phone gets lost, you’re probably are not going to cry about the few hundred bucks you spent for the phone. Money can always be earned. In fact, money can be borrowed. What’s really tragic is the amount of memories, for all intents and purposes, lost because you didn’t back it up. That’s how much is at stake. So, please understand that if you’re watching a vintage movie in a place that has strangers trying to separate your property, you have to be prepared. One of the best ways is to install Handyortung-gratis app on your phone.

When you do this, your phone is reconfigured to always report its location to a central server. If the unthinkable happens, and you cannot, for the life of you, find your phone, don’t freak out. There’s no reason to run around like a chicken with its head cut off. Instead, you just go to the Handyortung website, identify where your phone was last pinged at, and then, start doing your investigation. Since you have a lot of people over, right, keep asking around, say, “Who took what,” and hopefully you will get to the bottom of the situation.

Sometimes, people do take stuff by mistake. So, this happens. Don’t just automatically assume the very worst. Still, it pays to be prepared. Now, when you install Handyortung-gratis, you go a long way in ensuring that somehow, someway you can at least recover your property. It is, by no means, a slam dunk, but at least it gives you some sort of lifeline