The ideal handbag is very vital that is shows some level of your personality, fashion and style. Regardless of who you are, it is without a doubt that you will look excellent if you are found carrying the right handbag LV. The ideal handbag will assist in increasing your fashion statement and style in general. In addition, it will bring a unique personality and a better status for you.

Below are some of the tips for choosing the perfect handbag for you:

  • Choose the handbag that meets your fashion and style

If you desire to have the looks of a classy woman, then it is only right that you take the popular brands of women’s handbags such as Louis Vuitton Handbag with the clip-art emblems in a check pattern, it is vital to take note of the fact that everyone desire having one. Furthermore, you can consider other top designer handbags like the Indy Handbag by Gucci or Marc-by-Marc Jacob.

  • Choose the handbag that contrasts your body type

If you are skinny and tall, it is recommended that you choose a handbag that is rounded and one0 that has some weight. If on the other hand, you are short and you are muscular, opt for a rectangular size or perhaps a structured style handbag and one that is slim.

  • Choose the handbag that is proportionate to your size

It is important you are aware of the fact that structured handbags provide you with a fashionable and smooth appearance. Top designer handbags offer the best proportions and structure, which include Chanel, Marc by Marc and Louis Vuitton.

Choose a classic handbag

This is the classic bag with a long strap, almost always adjustable, that we hang across our shoulder. They have a rather large size, so they are ideal if you are one of those women who needs a lot of space and take their life inside the handbag. If your style is rather chic, do not hesitate to choose an animal print messenger bag, or in beige or cream tones. If your look is rather retro, bet on strong and garish colors, such as calypso, fuchsia or orange. To complement a more modern style, choose a bandolier of colors or patterns.

Choose a medium-sized or right-sized bag

This is the typical bag of medium to large size, with short straps, so that when hanging from the shoulder is below the arm. It can also be held by hand. It is characterized by being formed, almost always rectangular or half square. This allows you to be able to organize all your stuff inside very well since each accessory remains in its place and ordered all very at hand. Discard the old shapeless handbags, which has gone out of style. It is ideal to go to work because it can also be elegant.

To give a rock style to your image, do not hesitate to buy a leather, black or brown LV handbag, with metal inlays or visible closures. If you prefer to wear a more casual look but anyway chic, your ideal bag is that of patent leather. For the most fashionable, the option is to dare with a bag of strong colors and striking materials, such as leather or patent leather.

Choose a small or clutch handbag

The micro handbags are ideal for the night, as they do not hinder us and allow us to carry just what is necessary: ​​the cell phone, the card, the keys, a mini mirror and lip gloss. There are many shapes and colors, so we can have many and choose the one that most matches our own. The strap should be ideally long, which is what is the most inn. For more elegant events, such as a cocktail or a wedding, lean towards the mini-style bags on or also called clutch: without the strap. If your style is to go practice for life, opt for mini leashed bags, which will leave your hands free to do what you want. If your look is rather elegant and seductive, the clutch is for you.

What are some other bag styles that you can purchase?

The satchel is one of the most fashionable handbags currently. Inspired by the classic school bag, very English and ideal for carrying heavy things. Its shape is structured and carries a handle (or two), but it is short enough to carry it hanging by the arm. It is also closed with a lid with buckle termination, snaps or similar. In some cases, it also comes with an extra-long strap to be worn on the shoulder or crossed (cross body).